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BBC Chair Linked to Russian-sanctioned Subsidiary Blockchain Platform

Written by James Smith

Chairman of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Richard Sharp, has been shown to have ties with Vladimir Potanin, one of Russia’s richest men. 


While there has been no direct indictment for the business relationship between Sharp and Potanin, the link has stimulated media, considering the fact that Potanin has now been placed under various sanctions for supporting the Russian regime.

Potanin is not just an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin but also one of those men in his inner circle. Potanin has even been seen playing hockey with Putin before, showing the close bond between the two.

With the invasion of Ukraine, many Russian oligarchs were sanctioned by the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the United States of America. Despite the media fuss about Sharp’s investment in Atomyze, there is vital evidence that suggests the investment had been made prior to the time the sanctions were imposed.

A spokesperson for Chairman Sharp noted that the billionaire’s investment portfolio is managed by a Blind Trust that helped handle the investments with Atomyze.

“The arrangement was maintained after Sharp became chairman of the BBC. This blind trust has professionally managed the ABCP GP Ltd and Atomyze Switzerland interests with complete independence from Sharp and at the trust’s sole discretion since its establishment,” the spokesperson said, adding that “At the current time, the blind trust, and therefore Sharp, have no financial or directorial interests in any businesses owned and controlled by Potanin.”

Atomyze is a Russian regulated blockchain-based trading platform that plays home to a wide range of commodities, including Nickel, the metal that helped Potanin earn his wealth. 

In the aftermath of the sanctions imposed on Russia, crypto-related entities were some of the most sanctioned businesses, as regulators fear they can serve as a conduit for bypassing the established sanctions.

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