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Binance Lauches NFT ticketing Solution with Italian Football Club S.S. Lazio

Written by James Smith

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced a partnership with Italian football team S.S. Lazio for an NFT ticketing solution, a new feature that will help Lazio fans to enjoy new digital tickets with non-fungible tokens in an easy and fair while more reliable way.

NFT tickets can also be used for, for example, special Lazio Store and Europa League match discounts, token giveaways, and other experiences with S.S. Lazio.

Marco Canigiani, Marketing Director of S.S. Lazio, said that he and Binance will launch more missions using blockchain technology in the future.

Canigiani said fans exploring the new technology will enjoy discounts on Europa League matches and online merchandise purchases, as well as additional rewards and unique experiences. This will change and impact the way fans interact with our sports club’s various offerings.

Blockchain-based tickets have the potential to eventually expand beyond sports to the wider entertainment industry, providing fans with further interaction with clubs or brands — recording live events through NFT ticketing.

Binance emphasises that the NFT ticketing solution can prevent ticket counterfeiting, scalping (resale at high prices), and other issues. This latest solution enhances the experience for teams and fans in and out of the stadium, avoiding the confusion caused by counterfeiting and unauthorised resale. 

Zoe Wei, an executive at Binance Fan Token, said the launch of NFT ticketing demonstrates the practicality of using NFTs and highlights important real-life use cases for Web3 technology.

Fans can collect NFT tickets to the Olympic Stadium on the official Lazio store, social media, and the Binance Fan Token platform.

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