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Blockdaemon adds support for the StakeWise liquid Eth2 staking product » CryptoNinjas

Written by James Smith

Blockdaemon, a leading blockchain infrastructure platform, announced today it has partnered with StakeWise to deliver an institutional-grade liquid staking product for Ethereum 2.0 (Eth2).

The AML compliant product limits interaction to KYC’d funds only and deploys an audited smart contract. As part of the collaboration, StakeWise will receive a strategic investment from Blockdaemon and boldstart ventures, a VC fund focused on early-stage investments into financial infrastructure startups.

Soon, Blockdaemon and StakeWise will be rolling-out the testnet for the Eth2 liquid staking product.

Blockdaemon + StakeWise

StakeWise offers Eth2 liquid staking, currently, around 50k Eth is delegated to StakeWise’s validators. Today, around $11B is delegated to Blockdaemon validators, and now Blockdaemon will run the validators for the StakeWise Eth2 liquid staking product.

“We are the bedrock infrastructure for institutional crypto staking. We offer a 100% slashing guarantee, meaning any loss of funds at the hands of Blockdaemon is covered by us. Our world-class team of one-hundred global engineers guarantees quality staking. Blockdaemon’s commitment to regulatory compliance makes it uniquely suited to this innovative offering. We have robust KYC/AML compliance policies and procedures. We monitor on-chain behavioral indicators and regularly perform risk scores. To facilitate a closer alignment of interests in the new venture with its strategic partners, StakeWise will receive investment into SWISE from Blockdaemon and Boldstart. The transaction will not affect the community’s share of SWISE ownership in the protocol.”
– The Blockdaemon Team

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