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COTI links with Cardashift to accelerate social & environmental projects using Djed stablecoin » CryptoNinjas

Written by James Smith

COTI, a DAG protocol optimized for creating decentralized payment networks and stablecoins, has now announced another fresh partnership, this time with Cardashift, Cardano’s community-run launchpad. Cardashift will COTI explore possibilities to offer Djed to Cardashift and the projects it supports.

This partnership, among over 20 others, will support the development of the Cardano DeFi ecosystem.

“Cardashift is excited to announce its new partnership with COTI to support the development of the Cardano ecosystem. We do believe that strengthening links between Cardano major actors could be an efficient way to democratize blockchain technology! Cardashift and COTI will share knowledge to support impactful projects and create a virtuous Cardano investing ecosystem.”
– Vincent Katchavenda, CEO, Cardashift

Cardashift is a community-run launchpad that raises funds, builds, and accelerates startups that are solving social and environmental issues. Cardashift is based on the blockchain platform, Cardano.

“By working with Cardashift and exploring Djed possibilities, Cardashift is helping new businesses to succeed and scale their idea from start to end: with a finished product/service, We are happy to see more and more projects joining us to ensure Djed’s utilization across the Cardano Defi ecosystem.”
– Yair Testa, Head of Business Development, COTI

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