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Crypto exchange upgrades trading system to utilize all assets for margin, a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, today announced the official launch of its new professional Unified Margin (UM) trading system that can use all currency assets for margin to trade its full range of products. Currently, UM mode is supported on web and API (to launch on mobile app later).

With the new trading platform, users can trade spot plus derivatives settled in all currencies with just one collateral currency as margin.

Compared to the prior trading system on, the UM trading system features:

  • Brand-new account structure with one-click migration, no fund transfer is required

In the UM mode, users can trade spot, margin, perpetual, futures, and options in the same account:

  • Multi-currency margin provides higher capital efficiency

All assets in an account are calculated in USDT with haircut ratios to unify margin for all positions:

  • Combined calculation of profit and loss for all positions

Profit and loss of multiple positions users hold will be combined and offset against each other:

  • The new system supports borrowing for trading

“’s Unified Margin (UM) system, as an upgraded trading and risk management system launched by the exchange, offers a one-account solution to our customers by allowing them to utilize all assets in the account as collateral to trade all products.”
– The Team

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