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Written by James Smith

Bitcoin Suisse, a Switzerland-based crypto-financial services company, is today announced the availability of Bitcoin Lightning technology for its crypto payment solution.

The introduction of the second-layer Bitcoin solution will offer instant transactions at lower blockchain fees for consumers as well as merchants working with Bitcoin Suisse and its partner Worldline.

Lightning is a decentralized network based on Bitcoin’s second layer that uses smart contracts to create a secure network – allowing small value transactions at high speeds, eliminating high blockchain fees.

From today, merchants working with Bitcoin Suisse and Worldline, a European-based payments and transactional services company – will be able to accept transactions made via the Lightning Network.

Users will see the following benefits in the application and acceptance of Lightning-based transactions:

  • Lightning-fast transactions measured in milliseconds with instant settlement
  • Scalability and increased capacity thanks to the speed of the network
  • Competitive blockchain fees independent of network utilization

“Secondary layer solutions like Lightning add important use cases to on-chain transactions and are crucial to scaling blockchain solutions. We will look into adding lightning support to additional services we provide at Bitcoin Suisse.”
– Niklas Nikolajsen, Founder and Chairman of Bitcoin Suisse

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