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Developers on Immutable X now ‘passwordless’ sign-in with Magic integration » CryptoNinjas

Written by James Smith

The team of Magic, providers of an SDK that integrates with existing apps to enable passwordless web3 onboarding (no seed phrases), announced today that its passwordless email login has now been integrated for those looking to build with Immutable X, an L2 scaling solution for NFTs.

By relying on Magic’s SDK a developer can integrate passwordless login and authentication without relying on any traditional seed phrases by a user simply signing in with just their email address to further help reduce friction for users.

“Magic and Immutable X have shared goals and synergy in eliminating friction and removing complexity in onboarding user experience. Magic is absolutely thrilled about partnering with Immutable X to onboard hundreds of millions of Web3 gamers in a seamless and secure fashion.” 
– Sean Li, CEO & Co-Founder, Magic

Magic + Immutable X

This strategic partnership with Immutable X allows Magic to support Immutable X’s vision of enabling teams in building web3 games without having to build out their own login and authentication methods. This in itself can be a lengthy process but with a few lines of code developers can immediately begin to onboard users with familiar login methods to reduce friction

For more information check out Immutable X’s documentation.

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