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Gold Guaranteed Coin Mining Introduces Tokenised Gold Investment

Written by James Smith

Gold Guaranteed Coin Mining (GGCM) has launched the Gold Guaranteed Coin (GGC), which uses blockchain technology to store physical gold digitally.

According to its statement, The GGCM  will run on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). All GGC tokens are initially locked within the smart contract. Investors can participate in mining projects, tokenize gold and place it on the blockchain with decentralized access.

The company highlights serval advantages of GGCM. For example, No fees or charges will apply to the trades and transfers. The company has acquired all the required licenses and permissions fitting Mongolian law for mining ventures. It will carry out NFT shareholding of its GGCM, denominate 70% of the mining revenue of GGCM in US dollars, which divides it into corresponding shares for leasing, and charge users the corresponding leasing service fee according to the corresponding leasing time to obtain leasing income.

The total supply of tokens will be 500.000.000.000, and it will be divided into blocks.

• A block: 2022–2024– (5%)

• Other blocks: 2025–2049–475.000.000.000 (95%)

GGCM is backed by powerful mining resources such as gold and other precious metals. It enables every investor to become the world’s mining natural resources owner, digitally storing gold. This safe value-saving tool is recognized by the public and can be circulated around the world.

As the cryptocurrency suffered from both a rise in the token price and a double increase in the value of gold itself recently, the company claims that GGC minimizes risk by ensuring real assets against fluctuations in fiat currencies.


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