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Lightning Network now supported on bitcoin e-commerce savings site » CryptoNinjas

Written by James Smith, a platform that enables users to receive discounts when shopping for any product on Amazon by matching Shoppers with Earners (users who wish to exchange their Amazon gift cards for bitcoin), announced that the Lightning Network will soon be supported.

As a result, Shoppers and Earners can access instant transactions while paying lower fees.

The Purse team is now beta testing Lightning Network integration and expects to launch in one month. Those interested to participate as beta testers to get early access to Lightning can apply here.

“Lightning helps our mission to ‘Make Crypto Useful’ through cheap, instant BTC transactions for Shoppers & Earners. Further, we believe continued development on the Lightning Network, including projects like Taro, will move Purse to a more decentralized and self-custodial future. Thanks again for the continued support, and we look forward to Lightning with you!”
– The Team

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