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Written by James Smith

Liquid Meta, a decentralized finance (DeFi) infrastructure and technology company, today announced a partnership with Civic, a provider of blockchain-powered digital identity solutions. Together, the companies will bring trusted, secure permissioned identity services to DeFi and enable Liquid Meta to provide capital liquidity to permissioned dApps.

“Our partnership with Civic Technologies will provide us with the enhanced capabilities and tools needed to expand upon this mission and to create an environment for traditional institutional investors to access this nascent and emerging industry in a more secure and trusted capacity.”
– Jonathan Wiesblatt, CEO of Liquid Meta

At its core, DeFi relies on permissionless access, but this principle often runs counter to the duties of large capital investors who must know the counter-parties they are participating with to reduce risk. Permissioned access through the partnership will provide a gateway into DeFi for these investors. Liquid Meta already provides liquidity to some of the most popular dApps and crypto exchanges.

As a publicly-traded, pure-play liquidity mining operation, Liquid Meta is building proprietary software and tools to access, automate and unlock tremendous growth within DeFi. The Company is focused on generating cash flow in the fast-growing DeFi segment of the blockchain industry.

“The team at Liquid Meta has a long history in the financial services industry, public capital markets, and the crypto and technology industries. The leadership team is attuned to the operational rigor that institutional investors require in order to explore investments in new categories like DeFi. We can’t think of a better partner that’s more aligned with our mission to open the DeFi ecosystem to new investors through permissioned markets.”
– Chris Hart, CEO of Civic

Civic provides a KYC and KYB solution, through Civic Pass, that a dApp provider can use as an input to their compliance program. Liquid Meta will use Civic Pass to determine which participants meet a dApp’s standards for verification prior to allowing them the ability to trade. Moreover, Civic Pass is seamlessly integrated into a dApp’s onboarding flow. Once an institutional investor has completed the Civic Pass screening process, the dApp will use the results of the screening to allow trading.

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