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PlanetWatch Partners with Treedom to Launch “Stake for the Planet” Initiative

Written by James Smith

PlanetWatch, in partnership with Treedom, has launched a “Stake for the Planet” initiative. - 2022-04-22T174123.833.jpg

PlanetWatch is the world’s first decentralised air quality monitoring network built on the Algorand blockchain. While users of the Treedom platform can virtually plant real-life trees and follow its growth online.

The “Stake for the Plant” initiative allows owners of PlanetWatch’s tokens known as PLANETS to stake the digital assets in their Algorand wallet to earn a reward which will allow them to plant trees.

Each tree is linked to a collectable non-fungible token (NFT) that reflects its uniqueness, and owning the NFT is equal to owning the tree.

“Stake for the Planet” is the first step towards PlanetWatch’s pledge to plant 1 million trees worldwide in the next five years to support global reforestation.

PlanetWatch has said that the “Stake for the Plant” initiative is the first step towards their pledge to plant 1 million trees worldwide to support global reforestation in the next five years.

Currently, Treedom’s platform includes 1,000 trees of 12 separate species across three different continents.

“Announcing our partnership with Treedom and the launch of Stake for the Planet on Earth Day reflects our double commitment to protecting public health via air quality data and mitigating climate change,” Claudio Parrinello, PlanetWatch CEO, said.

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