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Written by James Smith

Router Protocol, an infrastructure layer enabling communication between blockchains, today announced the launch of Voyager, a cross-chain bridge with enhanced security features and fast transaction speeds.

Voyager’s architecture is designed differently than standard bridges.

Notably, it needs very little TVL to complete transfers, making the bridge less of a honeypot from a security standpoint. Instead of focusing on TVL, Voyager emphasizes total volume transacted – a more relevant and efficient measure for bridges.

The contracts handling the logic of cross-chain transfers on Voyager are separate from contracts handling reserve assets, which minimizes an additional common attack vector. Voyager also uses on-chain validation, which is more secure than protocols using off-chain consensus.

In addition to the slew of security features, users can take advantage of the bridge’s high-speed performance – over 50 percent of transactions on Voyager are processed in less than a minute and 80 percent are completed in less than two minutes.

Additional features of Voyager include:

  • Seamless cross-chain swaps – Unlike the vast majority of bridges, Voyager provides seamless cross-chain swaps and not just asset transfers. This eliminates the need for extra transactions on the source and destination chain.
  • Scalability – Instead of creating a 1-1 bridge for every connection, Voyager is powered by Router Protocol’s messaging mesh, a sophisticated technical architecture that allows new blockchain networks to immediately connect to other participating chains.
  • A custom pathfinder algorithm – Voyager utilizes Router’s proprietary pathfinder algorithm, powered by 1inch, which runs off-chain and searches for the most efficient route to transfer value between chains.
  • Stability – Voyager uses USDC reserves on both sides of the transactions to provide a seamless and secure user experience with minimal slippage.
  • Flexibility – Multiple fee options allow Voyager to be one of the most cost-effective bridges.

Soon, Voyager will add updates including staking, intuitive UI, and integrations of more EVM and non-EVM networks.

“Voyager is a significant leap towards building a chain-agnostic, more inclusive Web3 ecosystem. It’s Router’s flagship dApp in a suite of products that will empower devs to create solutions that will accelerate the cross-chain evolution.”
– Ramani Ramachandran, Co-Founder & CEO of Router Protocol

Router Protocol has taken several measures to secure its network. In addition to a bug bounty program with Immunefi, the project has completed security audits from Certik and Halborn and is currently undergoing a third audit from Hacken.

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