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Sablier expands its real-time streaming token dApp to Polygon and Binance Smart Chain » CryptoNinjas

Written by James Smith

Sablier, a protocol for real-time token streaming built originally for the Ethereum blockchain, has now announced the release of the Sablier protocol on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This expansion aims to lower the barrier to entry for new users and bring the dApp a more liquid ecosystem.

With the high gas fees on the Ethereum network, most of the usage of the Sablier protocol has come from token-vesting. The ability to stream tokens with lower fees thanks to Polygon and BSC will enable more people to use and explore the protocol as well as advance new use-cases.

“We are excited to see new use cases for Sablier emerge thanks to the lower fees which both Polygon and Binance Smart Chain offer, and look forward to seeing new users interact and experiment with our token-streaming protocol.”
– The Sablier Team

More details on the expansion are listed here.

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