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Written by James Smith

TheWatch, a technology company making blockchain accessible to developers, has announced it will be adding BSC and BTC blockchains to its flagship product WatchData.

WatchData provides web3 developers with a single API to seamlessly access blockchains: its suite of tools and superior infrastructure enables developers to build apps and services with ease.

They’ve also introduced ‘Filters’ to allow users to set up custom notifications and track the transaction they need and ‘Price API’ to get accurate token prices from the blockchain.

Companies use WatchData for analytics, portfolio tracking, wallet, and payment services as well as for building DeFi products and dApps for their needs: the web3 community included WatchData in related roadmaps such as DeFi Developer Road Map, web3-tools, and others.

API Platform

Aside from the upcoming additions of Bitcoin and BSC, the WatchData platform supports Ethereum and Tron: which makes historical and other data available directly from the node.

After 1 month since the official launch of the platform, over 300 developers started using WatchData, and this number is growing every month.

Through the API users can access 1,000+ cryptocurrency pairs, and they can convert all values into fiat, and the announced Price API gives dApp developers easy and powerful access to accurate prices without having to deal with the hassle of managing their own infrastructure.

“We at TheWatch strive to build products that significantly simplify the process of building apps and monitoring and analyzing data on the blockchain. To achieve this goal we work hard and continue further developing our products, adding support for new blockchains and launching new features our users need.”
– Svyatoslav Dorofeev, CEO of TheWatch

TheWatch also develops WatchBlock, a SaaS tool that offers a simple, convenient, and intuitive dashboard, and provides insights into transaction data, purchase history and risk management to Virtual Asset Service Providers. All client transaction monitoring and related operations are handled by WatchData solutions, which ensures higher speed and guarantees security.

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